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Alikay Naturals

In 2007 Rochelle Campbell, the founder went “natural”. With inspiration from her mother, Marlene Moulton, and husband, Demond Campbell, she stopped chemically relaxing her hair and cut it all off. The first year was a learning experience and Rochelle damaged her hair with over coloring. Next she faced an even greater issue, there were no products that kept her hair moisturized. Most products on the market were filled with chemicals, false promises, and focused on the temporary look of styling rather than overall hair health.

She did vigorous detailed research, reading herbal books her grandmother read while growing up in Jamaica. She was going to find what “natural” ingredients promoted hair growth. With her husband by her side, balancing school, and working to keep a steady income she spent every spare moment in the kitchen. Mixing and testing ingredients to create her perfect formula, the now famous Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil. 

After having family and friends try and love the product along with her own hair growth success, she knew this product was amazing and the results speak for themselves. Rochelle’s hair began growing so quickly and in no time she was at 4 inches of new growth. Many YouTube subscribers started requesting the sale of Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil. This product was the first of many more to come in The Alikay Naturals Products. The name Alikay of Alikay Naturals is Rochelle’s middle name.

While the demands came flooding in for the Hair Growth Oil, Rochelle was formulating more products. Hair moisturizers, conditioners, and shampoos also became a part of the Alikay Naturals line.